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Everybody has a past. Mine was full of everything but it seemed never enough, I felt empty, unfulfilled.

I wanted to find my  purpose in life, so a good friend talked to me about going to  Bali and Thailand and this is how my journey of fulfillment began.

An impulsive decision, trusting the uncertainty, that changed my life.

The most far-reaching lesson I received was that everybody is his own master. You always have a choice and everything that is happening in this moment is a result of the choices you have made in the past.

To become very still and connect with your true self throughout meditation is a gift for everyone.

So I start with sharing. Sharing with you my most precious gift, the gift of finding and loving your true self, unconditionally is my service to humanity.







Acknowledging is the heart of insight meditation. It is the continual work of wakefulness to be aware and acknowledge.

Insight meditation, through the four foundations of mindfulness, focuses on the body, the feelings, the mind and objects of the mind. Literally the four foundations of mindfulness serve as a base of wakefulness.

Practically they are the state of being continually aware of what happens to the five aggregates (which are: body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness)

The four foundations from Mindfulness:

  • Contemplation of the body

Wakefulness of the body is to contemplate bodily action and sensations. This includes for example acknowledging or being conscious of the lifting, stepping and placing of the feet during walking meditation, and acknowledging the rising an falling of the abdomen in sitting meditation.

  • Contemplation of the feelings

Wakefulness of one's feelings is to contemplate the happiness/ suffering/neutrality of your experience. That is, to acknowledge happiness, to know how happy one is, or to acknowledge misery, and to know how miserable one is, or to acknowledge the neutral feeling which neither happiness nor misery.

  • Contemplation of the mind (thought)

Wakefulness of the mind is to contemplate one's thoughts or be conscious of the passion, anger, delusion, sloth, distraction, peace, etc... in the thought. While in meditation our minds may think of the past or the future. We then take that thought as the momentary focus of the meditation by acknowledging thinking, thinking, thinking before returning our focus to the breath or the feet. 

  • Contemplation of objects of the mind

Wakefulness of objects of the mind is to contemplate mental recognition and other volitional activities. Recognition is to know something when perceiving it. Volitional activities happen when we think or comment on something. While we think, we must be mindful of thinking. When we are desirous, angry, slothful, restless or doubtful as a result of thinking of external stimulation, we must be mindful to.





  • Embodiment, the development of a body through the change of a certain environment or condition, this includes geographical location, socioeconomic status, etc.
  • Embodiment, the change or nurturing of a natural biological entity induced by their specific environment
  • Embodiment, the telling of a body's story that cannot be refuted from the environment in which it was developed in; which also oftentimes refutes popular opinion and expresses changes that are unable to be verbalized


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